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Michelangelo Seat Buffer Set

Sottini Palazzo Seat and Cover with CP hinges

(Also suits Sottini Galliano WC and Ideal Standard Ravenna)

Oddcolours - Selles Gold 5-leaf Hinge Set

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Ideal Standard Cabria Seat    Ideal Standard Michelangelo Seat    Ideal Standard Michelangelo Seat Hinges

Twyfords Envy Soft Close Seat    Twyfords Capricorn Seat    Ideal Standard Accent Seat

Ideal Standard Kyomi Seat    Sottini Palazzo Seat    Doulton Florette Seat    Doulton Aspect Seat

Doulton Milan Seat    Twyfords Royale Seat    Twyfords Debut Seat    Twyfords Venus Seat

Twyfords Verona Seat    Armitage Shanks Concept Seat    Ideal Standard Space Seat

Villeroy & Boch Seats    Sottini Reprise Seat    Selles Cheverny Hinges

Sottini Philosophy Seat    Heavy Duty Toilet Seats (standard shape) with stainless steel / chrome hinges

Visions Icon Seat    Ideal Standard Alto Seat    Armitage Shanks Halo Seat

Shires Bolero Seat    Ideal Standard Tulip Seat    Doulton Countess Seat

Doulton Monet Seat    Twyfords Jupiter & Rhapsody Seat    Armitage Shanks Disney Seat (adult)   

Oddcolours - Sottini Philosophy Seat

Oddcolours - Cabria / Toscana Seat in Whisper Peach Oddcolours - Michelangelo / Tonca Seat in Whisper Blue

Michelangelo Hinge Set

Ideal Standard Michelangelo Hinge Set - Chrome Plated.

Components as shown in photo.

Doulton Florette Seat, cover and plastic hinges

Hinges to suit Selles Cheverny WC Seat only.

No fixings, only 2 of the items in the photo.

Oddcolours - Envy Soft Close Seat in Soft White Oddcolours - Twyfords Capricorn Seat in Champagne

Twyfords Capricorn Toilet Seat, Cover and hinges

Oddcolours - Ideal Standard Accent Seat in Twilight Jade

Ideal Standard Accent Seat and Cover (original) with CP hinges

Ideal Standard Kyomi Seat in White

Ideal Standard Kyomi Seat and Cover (original) with CP hinges

Sottini Palazzo Seat and Cover in Peppermint

Doulton Apect Seat, cover and plastic hinges

Oddcolours - Doulton Florette Seat and Cover in White

Doulton Milan Seat, cover and metal hinges

Oddcolours - Twyfords Debut Seat and Cover in Freshwater

Twyfords Debut Toilet Seat, Cover and Plastic hinges

Twyfords Venus / Verona Toilet Seat, Cover and Plastic hinges

Oddcolours - Twyfords Venus / Verona Seat in Soft Cream Oddcolours - Armitage Shanks Concept Seat in Chablis

Armitage Shanks Concept Seat and Cover with CP hinge set

Sottini Philosphy Seat and Cover in White with CP hinges

Ideal Standard Space Toilet Seat and Cover

Assorted Villeroy & Boch Seats

Oddcolours - Villeroy & Boch Seats