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Agais, Almond, Almond Rose, Alpine Blue, Anthracite, Aqua,

Armitage Blue, Apple Green, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Tan,

Avocado, Bali Brown, Bali Sand, Bahama Beige, Bamboo,

Bermuda Blue, Black, Blue Ciel, Blue Dallas Jaspé, Blue Grass,

Blushed Oyster, Blushed Rose, Bois de Rose, Broadway,

Brown Marble, Burgundy, Calypso, Camellia, Cameo Pink, Candleglow,

Capri, Caramel, Caspian Blue, Chablis, Champagne, Chiffon,

Coral Pink, Cornflower Blue, Courreges Blue, Courreges Pink,

Creme, Crocus, Damask, Dove Grey, Ebony, Edelweiss,

Flamingo Pink, Forest Green, Freshwater,  Gazelle, Green Marble, Harlequin Avocado, Harlequin Pampas, Harlequin Sandalwood, Harmony Brown, Harmony Green, Harmony Purple, Harvest Gold, Heather, Honeymoon, Honeysuckle, Imperial Purple, Indian Ivory,

Ivory Silk, Jade Green, Jasmine, Jubilee Blue,

Kashmir Beige, Lavenderwater, Light Green, Lilac,

Lilas Jaspé, Linden Green, Melba, Midnight Blue, Milkwood,

Mimosa, Mink, Misty Apricot, Misty Blue, Misty Cream, Misty Grey,

Misty Peach, Misty Pink, Moonstone Quartz, Natura, Ocean Spray,

Old English White, Opaline, Orchid, Oyster, Pacific Blue,

Palladine Jaspé, Pampas, Parchment, Parme Jaspé, Peach,

Peach Jaspé, Pearl, Pearl Silk, Penthouse Blue, Penthouse Brown,

Penthouse Green, Penthouse Grey, Penthouse Red / Peony,

Peppermint, Pergammon, Pewter, Platinum, Polar White, Pompadour,

Porcelaine, Primrose, Romany, Rose, Rose Jaspe, Rosewater,

Sable, Sandalwood, Sapphire, Savannah, Sepia, Shell Pink,

Silver Cloud, Silver Fox, Sky Blue, Snowdrop, Soft Cream,

Soft Mint, Soft White, Sorbet, Sorrento Blue, Star White, Stellar,

Sunburst, Sun King, Sunset, Tahiti Pink, Turquoise, Twilight Jade,

Twilight Pebble, Twilight Slate, Vanilla Silk, Whisky,

Whisper Apricot, Whisper Blue, Whisper Cream, Whisper Green,

Whisper Grey, Whisper Peach, Whisper Pink, White Satin,

Wild Rose, Wild Sage, Willow Green, Wychelm and Zibelin Jaspé