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Here we have a selection of syphons to suit selected obsolete or unusual options.

Syphon 1 : Dudley 8.5” Turbo ‘88’ Detachable Syphon, which caters for 6-, 7.5- and 9-litre capacities.

Available with or without the “Syvac” aspirator for use with double trap syphonic flush wc toilets.

Syphon 2 : Dudley non-detachable 8.5” high syphon, which caters for 6-, 7.5- and 9-litre applications and can also be used in conjunction with the “Syvac” aspirator for use with syphonic toilet pans and cisterns.

Syphon 3 : A ‘narrow’ 8.5” high syphon, suitable for use with Ideal Standard Cabria, Sottini Toscana models (possibly Ideal Standard Accent, but this has yet to be confirmed)

This syphon is also detachable, for ease of changing the syphon diaphragm at a later date.


Syphon 4 : Sottini Reprise Syphon (non-detachable)  CLICK HERE for Sottini Reprise Syphon